What is the Brain Tumor in 2020-2021 by Dr. Manish Kumar

What is the Brain Tumor in 2020-2021 by Dr. Manish Kumar-:
Like any other tumor in the body, a Brain tumor is an unwanted and unnecessary uncontrolled growth inside or close to the Brain. It may be malignant (cancerous) or simple. Due to the limited availability of the space and importance of each & every small part of the Brain, even non-cancerous tumors of the Brain are dangerous for life and may trouble the person a lot. The symptoms of brain tumors occur as per the size of the tumor, the rate of growth, the level of malignancy, and the location of the tumor. In addition to the tumor pressing against the nerves and adjacent tissues and thus not allowing it to function normally, it gradually destroys these cells as the tumors grow. Another cause of symptoms is a rise in the pressure inside the head (which a close compact compartment made up of bones all around) as the tumor occupies the space inside the head.

What Are the Warning Signs of Brain Tumor?
The location of the tumor directly aff

Brain Tumor

Brain Tumor

ects the intensity and type of symptoms.
Certain brain tumors grow away from the crucial points of the brain and may not exhibit symptoms and hence these are not detected until they have reached a considerable size that triggers severe symptoms. Tumors that grow close to the vital areas show symptoms from the initial stage and can be detected early. Other types of tumors grow rapidly or are positioned close to vital areas of the brain, causing symptoms to occur quickly. As a tumor grows, the brain may swell and fluid often develops. As this mass continues to expand within the limited space of the skull cavity, the pressure on the other parts of the brain increases and triggers a wide range of symptoms and life-threatening conditions.
In case the tumor is affecting the hormonal balance (like Pituitary Tumor or Pineal Gland Tumor), the symptoms are experienced as per the hormones secreted throughout the body.
The largest part of the brain is the cerebrum, which is again divided into two parts right and left. All the conscious and voluntary functions and information needed for that are received, processed, stored, and used to generate spoken or motor response.
Tumor in this region directly affects the motor as well as sensory function and memory. But if not in the exact area needed for the specific functions, the tumor needs to grow to a large size to cause symptoms. Lower down there is Cerebellum and Brain stem where important involuntary functions are organized and controlled like Heartbeat and Breathing and cranial nerves start from this area.

There are brain tumor symptoms which are generic and come across as warning signs of a brain tumor that should not be ignored: –

• Headache-
This won’t feel like a normal stress headache. It is a deep, dull headache that reoccurs frequently. The pattern of the headache will seem to change. Headache is not a very early symptom of a brain tumor and is not felt until the tumor has reached a significant size. If a headache is associated with nausea/ giddiness/ vomiting especially on waking up (in other than pregnancy situation), it indicates a severe increase in the pressure inside the head.

• Seizures-
The tumor irritates the brain neurons which makes them respond abnormally and they lose control. The triggers abnormal movements in the body. These movements cannot be controlled by the person experiencing it. The abnormal Brain activity spreads from the starting area to other areas and the whole of the Brain and involves the area of consciousness and the person becomes unconscious. When a seizure strikes it could be in any form like jerking, muscle-flexing in the limb or face, or entire body convulsions with or without unconsciousness. This is a grave state because the person needs immediate attention and help.

• Numbness and weakness-
A tumor that suppresses nerves that control the sensation or motor activity directly or indirectly, causes numbness and weakness. It may also cause loss of control or loss of body balance; the patients experience difficulty in handling objects or balancing. The person might seem to be fumbling with keys, losing balance, spilling liquids while handling a glass, cup, or bowl. The symptoms also include problems in swallowing food, controlling facial expressions, and remembering things.
The patient experiences sensory changes in vision, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. There could be a loss of partial or complete vision.

• Personality change-
With all these symptoms cropping up at a time, the overall personality and behavior of the person are altered. Clumsiness, memory loss, and aches cause the person to get irritated due to the inability to perform daily activities normally. Moreover, the loss of control makes the person helpless. There could be a sudden outburst of anger, aggression, impulsive sex drive, and grumpiness.
The cause of brain tumors is not yet known fully. Doctors have been able to identify certain risk factors genes responsible but not the exact cause that triggers uncontrolled cell mutation that makes the tumor. Only awareness and prompt medical attention can help detect and treat a brain tumor.

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